25% of British people are now drinking non-diary milk

Did you know?

A quarter of British people are now drinking non-dairy milks.

A recent study carried out on the UK saw a big rise in the number of people ditching dairy milk for plant-based milks.

The study revealed that 16-24 years-old are leading the way as the biggest drinkers.

Concerns around health, ethics and the environment are the biggest drivers for change.

However, the study revealed that plant-based milks make up just 4% of the milk market so far.

So what is the environmental impact of each type of milk?

Dairy milk is by far the one with the biggest footprint. Non-dairy milks are always better options from an environmental perspective.

Among the non-dairy milks, almond milk is the one with the biggest water consumption, along with rice milk.

Overall, oat and soy milk are the most sustainable options.

Why not try and make the switch? 😉

Source: BBC

Author: easyecotips