Air quality inside your car is worse than outside

Did you know?

A study from King’s College in London found that air quality inside a vehicle is worse than outside.

Although most people think that by riding a bicycle or by walking on the side of the road we breathe more pollution than inside a car, it is actually the opposite!

The study revealed that levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) were on average 21% higher inside the vehicle with the windows shut than on the road outside.

This is even worse when a car is stuck in traffic!

Here are a few tips to improve the indoor air quality when stuck in traffic:

1) Keep a safe distance from vehicles around you

2) Keep windows closed and set the air to recirculate air inside – rather than using outdoor air.

3) Take a less congested route with fewer traffic lights – even if it takes longer.

4) Air fresheners and cleaning products will pollute inside cars as they do in homes. Instead, it’s worth opening windows in a clean, traffic-free area.

Finally, always choose public transport, cycling or walking to your destination if you can! Easy!

Source: The Guardian, ITV, BBC

Author: easyecotips