Attract bees to your garden with these plants

Make your garden bee-friendly with these plants and flowers.

They are easy to pollinate, and have colours that are attractive to bees. Very important: don’t use pesticides!

You can also build a little bee house, with downwards entrance points so the rain doesn’t get in.

Finally, put a little fresh water basin for bees to hydrate.

You garden will look amazing, and bees with thank you for it 😉

Why bees are so important?

Bees are the most important pollinators. They help plants to grow, breed and produce food by transferring pollen.

Most fruits, vegetables, nuts and plants like sunflowers, cocoa beans, coffee and tea, as well as cotton need bees to increase their yield and quality.

Bees are also key to maintain biodiversity by pollinating plants that grow seeds, fruits and berries that will be eaten by other animals, and maintain the food chain.

Unfortunately, bees population is a strong decline.

This is due to climate change, pesticides and habitat loss. This will put at risk the balance in our ecosystem, and could trigger food shortages.

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Author: easyecotips