Autralia broke its all-time temperature record

After France, Germany, the UK, Netherlands and Belgium last summer, it is now the turn of Australia to break its all-time temperature record in 2019🌡

On the 19th of December, the average temperature across the country was 41.9°C / 107.4°F, beating the previous record from 2013.

As explained in our last post, Australia is also currently fighting intense bushfires in New South Wales, having lost 2.7 million hectares since July.

Although the link between global warming and the fires is not proven, scientists have warned that a hotter, drier climate will contribute to fires becoming more frequent and more intense.

The World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva said 2019 was on course to be among the world’s hottest ever years and that 2015-2019 would then become the hottest five-year period on record.

It is time we all face reality, and make changes to stop this trend before it’s too late. Each small action counts!

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Author: easyecotips