Baby products

It’s true, babies need a lot of stuff! A baby is a whole new person who will need to be fed, who will need clothes, adding to the carbon footprint of the household. Bringing a baby into this world can feel like the opposite of being low-waste and trying to reduce our impact. However we do think it’s possible to raise a baby in the most sustainable way possible, trying to reduce waste to a minimum, switching to reusable alternatives and using products with natural ingredients.

A baby in the house means more household waste, more nappies, baby wipes and baby food containers, etc. But the good news is that there are now reusable or low-waste alternatives for almost all these products! The first thing to do is that as yourself before buying something: do we really need it? Tell the people around you: please offer less gifts, less plastic toys, less of everything! Your baby doesn’t need that many things to be happy actually. For necessary products, like nappies, swipes, ask yourself: is there a reusable, compostable or low-waste alternative? 

Have a look at our selection of sustainable Baby brands


Natural skincare for pregnant women and babies

Mambino Organics is a brand from Los Angeles. They produce natural and organic skincare for women, pregnant women and babies. They source fresh sustainable ingredients directly from family owned organic and fair trade farms around the world using sustainable harvesting practices. Their ingredients are grown in the USA, Polynesia, Madagascar, Tahiti, Hungary, Italy and Croatia. Their baby products include anti-bug repellent, sunscreen, bath massage oil, bath powder, diaper balm, shampoo, etc.


Biodegradable disposable nappies and wipes

Ecoriginals is an Australian company, selling biodegradable and compostable nappies and wipes. Ecoriginals is a female dominant workplace, and they try to solve the dilemma of seeking convenience, while trying to minimise our negative impact on the earth. They created a unique 90% biodegradable nappy, made from pant-based Plantcell Technology. The packaging and wipes are 100% home compostable. The company is carbon neutral, and manufactures the products in a renewable energy plant in New Zealand.


Baby gear rental from local families

BabyQuip is a company that allows you to rent baby gear from local families, mainly in the US. You can rent short term, for example if you are travelling and want to rent all the baby gear at your destination, so you can travel light. You can also rent long term, because babies grow so fast, and some gear you buy today might need replacing in only a few months time. Instead of buying everything and adding to your carbon footprint and waste, BabyQuip allows you to rent clean and safe baby gear essentials wherever you are and have them delivered to your door. Choose from cribs, car seats, strollers, toys, and so much more. Travel light, or rent long term!

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Slow fashion, genderless clothing for kids and babies

URSi is a New York slow fashion brand for kids and babies. They make durable clothes that are eco-conscious, seasonless, and genderless. As a result, their designs can be worn by more people and for a longer period of time. They produce in small batches made by small ateliers in New York. They use organic fabrics and high-quality natural fibres. Fabrics made with synthetic fibres are upcycled to save them from going directly into landfills or into our oceans. This model supports local businesses and reduces dead-stock waste. Their packaging is plastic-free. They use recycled paper hang-tags, organic fabric bags that customers can reuse, and compostable shipping bags.

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