Bath vs. Shower

Is it better to take baths or showers?

It is a common idea that showers use less water than baths. It is not as simple as that 😉

An average bathtub needs between 35 and 50 gallons (132L to 190L) of water to fill.

A average shower flows at 5 gallons (19L) per minute.

In order to spend less water by taking a shower than by taking a bath, you have to take 5 min showers.

If you use a low-flow shower head, you could save even more water. Even if you spent 10 min in your shower you would still use less water than taking a bath.

However, if you use a power shower head, no matter how long you stay under the shower, you will be using more water than a bath 

So in order to use as little water as possible, we recommend switching to a low-flow shower system, and take no longer than 5 min showers.

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Author: easyecotips