Bring your own lunch to work and avoid buying packaged food

We can be sustainable everywhere, not just at home.

We spend a lot of time at work, and the amount of waste we produce at lunch time is huge. Think about the sandwich you buy because you are in a rush, or the takeaway food you will eat with your colleagues. All this contributes to a horrible amount of plastic waste, most of the time not recycled.

What can we do?

Easy! Bring your own lunch to work, and avoid buying plastic packaged food. Instead, enjoy a delicious homemade meal everyday at work with your colleagues, cheaper, healthier and zero waste! It doesn’t take long to prepare. Just make more food at home in the evening and bring it the next day to work 😉 Easy!

I already bring my own homemade lunch to work, but I still find my job boring. What can I do?

Well, unfortunately, even if you do everything right for the planet, that doesn’t mean you will necessarily enjoy your job! If you find yourself unhappy with your current role, the only think we can do here at Easy Eco Tips, is to recommend you look for a new, more exciting job! Why not a job in sustainability? Have a look on Jooble, they have a great selection of sustainability related jobs. Maybe your next job?

Author: easyecotips