Britain goes coal free for 2 months in a row

Britain broke a new record by spending 2 months in a row without using any coal for electricity production.
Only ten years ago, 40% of Britain’s electricity was produced by coal. Today, renewable energy is the number one source of energy, followed by fossil fuels and nuclear.
The UK has the biggest offshore wind industry in the world, as well as the largest single wind farm.
Renewables were responsible for 37% of electricity supplied to the network versus 35% for fossil fuels. Nuclear accounted for about 18% and imports for the remaining 10%.
Of course, COVID-19 is one of the reasons because the electricity demand went down in 2020. But this trend has been observed for years now and it is very likely that it will continue.
How can we support renewable energy?
Switch to a 100% renewable energy provider! In the UK, providers like Bulb or Tonik offer electricity from renewable sources, and they are not more expensive!
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Author: easyecotips