Cactus is healthy, delicious and sustainable!

Did you know?

You can eat cactus. Actually, it is a very popular and traditional dish in Mexico where it is called “Nopal”.

It is not only delicious, but cactus is also very healthy and is eco-friendly.

It grows very easily in Central and South America, Australia and even Europe, and needs very few water to grow which makes it sustainable.

You can eat all parts of it so no waste (except for the spines 😉). You can eat the leaves, fruits and cladodes (flattened shoots rising from the stems of the plant).

Plus, you can prepare it in so many ways! You can eat it raw, in salad, grilled or in tacos! You can also make jams, candies, teas and even cocktails!

Finally, it is full of antioxidants, and will keep blood sugar levels in check. You can also use it for skincare, intestinal issues and hangovers.

If you haven’t yet, give it a try! 😉

Author: easyecotips