Choose glass containers for ketchup, mayo and mustard

Choose glass containers for ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard instead of plastic and individual single-use packaging.

Plastic bottles are very rarely recycled, and single-use individual packets generate a huge amount of waste!

Instead, choose glass containers, and when empty make sure you wash them and reuse them.

You can reuse them to store dry food, to keep food fresh (like a Tupperware), to make homemade jam, and many others uses!

Remember, glass containers can have a big transport footprint because they are heavier, so it is important that you reuse them as many times as you can to make it worth! If you want to dispose them, make sure to recycle them. Glass can be recycled indefinitely.

Also, have you thought about making your own natural homemade ketchup? It’s so easy, and zero waste😉

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Author: easyecotips