Clean energy firm becomes largest U.S. energy company

Investors are betting on renewable energy, and that’s a good news!

The world’s largest solar and wind power generator NextEra, has surpassed ExxonMobil in stock market value in October 2020 for the first time.

It has become the largest energy form in America in market capitalisation.

NextEra gained two thirds of its value in the last two years, whereas ExxonMobil lost half its value since the beginning of 2020, down from 500bn in 2007.

ExxonMobil’s decline reflect a collapse in oil consumption in the pandemic and the rise of renewable resources on the electric grid.

Did you know you can switch your electricity provider to a renewable energy provider?

It’s not more expensive, and you will encourage these companies to invest more in clean energy!

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Source: Financial Times

Author: easyecotips

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