Climate change could mean the end of chocolate

Looking for a reason to be more eco-friendly?

This might help! It is a terrible news for all the chocolate lovers around the world!

According to recent studies, cocoa trees might be unable to grow in 40 or 50 years from now due to climate change.

Cocoa plants are sensitive and need fairly uniform temperatures, high humidity, abundant rain, nitrogen-rich soil, and protection from the wind. These conditions currently exist just 20° north and south of the equator (or perhaps in an even narrower 10° north and south of the equator).

Right now, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Indonesia are the leading producers of cocoa in the World. But climate models predict that by the year 2050 a 3.8°F  or 2.1°C increase in temperatures and drier conditions will occur in these areas and may further shrink the possible growing areas for cocoa.

Another good reason to fight against climate change! For the love of chocolate! 😉

Source: Forbes

Author: easyecotips

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