CO2 emissions could fall worldwide due to Coronavirus

In the middle of the coronavirus health crisis, many people are affected around the world 😷

People can be affected either directly by the virus, or by the strong measures taken to slow the spread of the virus.

However, one good news might come out of all this: it seems that CO2 emissions are set (if this trend continues) to fall globally for the first time since 2008.

Strong measures have been taken to slow the virus from spreading. Thousands of flights have been cancelled (4.3% of air traffic), many businesses have been closed, and many people have reduced travel to stay at home.

As a result, carbon emissions are significantly decreasing, and we can already feel it in some parts of the world.

In China for instance, the world’s largest polluter, there has been a reduction of 25% in CO2 emissions, and as a direct consequence, the air quality in big cities has improved.

But should be we happy about this? 🤔

The good news is that it shows that when there’s will, there’s a way. The world has shown that it is possible to take strong measures to reduce emissions.

Unfortunately, these measures are only taken only temporarily, as a reaction to the health crisis.

When the crisis is over, are the global economies going to compensate the loss of activity by polluting again (maybe even more)?

What the world needs is strong structural reforms, long terms measures to reduce sustainably our carbon emissions.

To stop the climate crisis, we should be planning ahead, not just reacting.

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Author: easyecotips