COP26 will be delayed until next year

The key U.N Climate Summit (COP26) was delayed to 2021 due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Dozens of world leaders were due to attend the COP26 gathering in Glasgow from November 9 this year.

The COP26 was expected to be a major climate summit, with around 30,000 delegates, journalists and environmental campaigners.

The Glasgow’s Scottish Events Campus (SEC) which was due to host the talks has now become a temporary hospital for patients affected by Covid-19.

Why was the COP26 a key summit?

Five years after the landmark Paris agreement, all nations were due to put new improved climate action plans on the table at the Glasgow meeting.

However, the decision to postpone was inevitable, as international cooperation is now needed to solve the current health crisis.

But could this also be an opportunity?

This crisis has shown that international cooperation and solidarity are essential. COP26 could become the next big example of cooperation betweens countries.

Also, as governments are set to spend huge amounts to boost their economies once the pandemic is over, it might be the right time to make sure this money is spent in sustainable and renewable projects.

Let’s hope something good comes out of all this, and that this postponement is for the better 😉

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Author: easyecotips