Cows’ farts and burps contribute to global warming

Did you know?

Cows’ farts and burps contribute to climate change through the production of methane.

Methane (CH4) is a big contributor to the greenhouse effect, helping to trap heat within Earth’s atmosphere and contributing to climate change.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) usually gets the blame for global warming, but methane is about 85 times more powerful when it comes to trapping heat.

In addition, the amount of methane produced by livestock has also increased in recent years due to changes in how cow poop and manure is handled. Instead of spreading manure and poop on fields as fertilizer, storing manure in pits encourage bacteria that produce twice as much methane.

What can we do about it? 
Try to reduce the amount of meat and dairy you eat. It can have a huge impact on the environment, as factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to climate change! 😉

Author: easyecotips