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Did you know that in average, every household spends 25 plastic bottles of hand soap? And that’s even more now with the COVID pandemic, because we must wash our hands even more often than before! These plastic bottles will take hundreds of years to decompose, and they create so much waste that could end up in the ocean.

So what can we do?
Of course, an easy alternative is to choose bar soaps, but many people actually still prefer the feeling of liquid soap. It’s more comfortable, feels cleaner, and more practical.
If you are one of these people, then we found a great solution for you to reduce your plastic waste while using foaming soap: Blueland has created a new concept: hand soap tablets!

How do soap tablets work?
It’s super simple. You buy a refillable glass bottle the first time, and then you just mix the tablets with water to make your foaming soap. You can then reuse over and over the refillable glass dispenser.

Blueland’s tablets are made from non-toxic ingredients, and they come in compostable wrappers. What’s not to love? You can get the comfort of foaming soap, with no single-use plastic waste!

More about Blueland

Before recommending this product, we did our little research, and Blueland really tick all the boxes. All their products are made without any parabens, phosphates, phthalates, ammonia, or VOCs.

They are also certified Leaping Bunny, meaning:
• The company does not test and is not party to any testing of any products or ingredients on animals.
• The company does not purchase any ingredients or materials from a third party that uses animal testing in any way
• The company must disclose all of its product ingredients, third party manufacturers, and suppliers for review by the CCIC
• The company must allow the CCIC to keep all of this information on file and must recommit to these standards annually.

Finally, Blueland’s formulas are also Certified Platinum Material Health by Cradle to Cradle, meaning everything from Blueland is safe for use by consumers and for the planet.

Do we recommend these hand soap tablets?
Short answer is yes. Over the years, we have always encouraged people to move away from traditional liquid soaps. They produce a huge amount of plastic waste, and the ingredients are not always great for the planet, for us or for animals. However, we have seen a lot of resistance from many people because they prefer liquid soap over soap bars.

Because of this, we really loved Blueland’s concept and the hand soap tablets. It provides a win-win solution where we can reuse the refillable glass bottle over and over and avoid plastic waste while having the nice and comfortable benefits of a foaming soap dispenser. Just make sure to compost the tablet wrappers!

If you want to learn more about Blueland and their other cool products (cleaning tablets, dish soap, laundry tablets, dish tablets), have a look at their page by clicking here.


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