Electricity consumption is down 20%

Since more people are in quarantine, overall electricity consumption is down 20%.

This is mainly due to a strong decrease in the demand from large factories and big office buildings.

However, the electricity consumption at home, during the middle of the day has increased by 30%. This is due to more people working from home and many schools closed.

Computers and televisions are busier than ever, and the lunchtime cooking is also adding to the bill.

What can we do about this?

There are simple tips to optimize and reduce our bill, while helping the planet!

Why not switch to LED bulbs? The last longer and spend 6x times less energy than standard bulbs!

You can also switch to a 100% renewable energy provider. It is not more expensive!

While cooking, why not save time by using a pressure cooker? You will notice a huge difference of time when cooking beans, lentils or potatoes!

Always remember to switch off electronics when not in use. Did you know that 10%-15% electricity consumption at home comes from appliances in standby mode?

The weather is getting nicer and warmer, why not hang your clothes instead of using a tumble dryer to save energy?

Did you know that chargers for laptops and mobile phones use energy even if you are not using them? Make sure to unplug them when not in use!

When using your kettle, only fill it to the amount of water needed, not more, to save energy.

Charge your phone in airplane mode and before bedtime. It will charge faster, and won’t stay plugged all night.

Finally, as the warmer days are coming, remember that A/C consumes a huge amount of energy! Use it in moderation, not too cold. Make sure it is in good condition (no leak), and make sure your windows are closed to keep the cold air inside.

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Author: easyecotips