For Halloween, get the most out of your pumpkins

Remember our tip on how to get the most out of your pumpkin, and avoid as much food waste as you can.

  1. Try to choose a local and organic pumpkin to support local businesses, and reduce the environmental footprint due to transportation and pesticides.
  2. When you carve the pumpkin, don’t throw the guts away, use them to bake some delicious homemade cakes, bread of muffins.
  3. After Halloween, remember to compost the pumpkin shell, instead of sending it to landfill, and reduce greenhouse emissions.
  4. Finally, if you already have plastic Halloween pumpkins at home, just reuse them as many years as you can, instead of buying new ones.

Avoid all the unnecessary waste, reduce your footprint, and ENJOY HALLOWEEN! 👻

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Author: easyecotips