Forget about plastic straws, look at all these options

What are the alternatives to plastic straws? 🥤

Plastic straws are single-use plastic, produce a lot of waste, and are not commonly recycled. If they are not correctly disposed, they can easily end up in the ocean or in nature, eaten by animals that confuse them with food because they are so small.

The good news is that nowadays there are a lot of more sustainable alternatives out there to choose from.

1) No straw at all: our favorite option! Do you really need a straw to enjoy your drink? Often the answer is “not really” and in that case, it’s better just to avoid it!

2) Bamboo straws: our next preferred option. They are reusable, and bamboo is sustainable because it grows fast with few resources. And even better, they are biodegradable!

3) Metal straws: this is another good option as these last forever, and metal can be recycled easily.

4) Edible straws: really cool pasta, rice or even sugar straws for cocktails. They are single-use, but are biodegradable and compostable and you can also eat them so no waste!

5) Paper straws: they are getting very popular because they are a cheap option. However, make sure you buy compostable ones and that you actually compost them. Paper straws are almost never recycled because they would need to be collected separately in large quantities before being able to recycle them, as individually they are too small.

We hope this was useful, and that you will find the best alternative for you, and say NO to plastic straws! 😉🌿 Easy!

Author: easyecotips