Get a second hand bike and ride to close destinations

Think about all the times you use your car, a taxi, an Uber or even a bus for short rides (less than 15min).

Have you considered taking your bike instead?

By riding a bicycle, you will reduce your carbon footprint to nearly zero (your fuel is what you eat), and you will improve your health by making exercise.

On top of this, you will save time on short rides as you can often avoid traffic, avoid waiting for the bus, avoid waiting for the taxi, etc.

You don’t own a bicycle yet? Why not getting a second hand bike?

There are loads of really cool bikes awaiting for a new owner, and a second life!

Some of them are in perfect condition, and others need a little bit of love and repair, but in all cases you will do an eco-friendly action by upcycling and will save some cash. 😉 Easy!

Author: easyecotips