Google searches for “veganism” are on the rise

Google searches for “veganism” have spiked in recent years worldwide.

Google rates popularity out of 100. Popularity (recorded in June each year) went from 20 to 70 in the last 10 years.

Popular questions on the topic include what veganism is, sustainability and how it impacts climate change.

Interest for veganism is also reflected in the number of people signing up to the Veganuary campaign.

Almost 250k people signed up in 2019, pledging to try vegan for the whole month of January.

Why is reducing the amount of meat we eat good for the environment?

Remember, meat and dairy industries are one of the biggest polluting industries the world.

They use the vast majority of farmland available, consume huge amounts of water, and produce more greenhouse gas emissions than the entire transportation sector.

To help the environment, you can reduce the amount of meat you eat. No need to go vegan all at once to improve your footprint, you can go step by step. For example by going meat-free one day a week, of by signing up to veganuary.

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Source: BBC News, Google Trends, Veganuary

Author: easyecotips