Greenwashing through words

How to recognize greenwashing? 🤔

Welcome to our new series, where we will show you different types of greenwashing, and how to identify them.

Today we will start with one of the most difficult to identify, the language.

Words can be tricky, and sometimes it can be hard to recognise a genuine ad from a greenwashing campaign.

By using words like ECO, BIO or GREEN, some companies try to give the impression of a sustainable product.

In the picture for example, this famous company is claiming that their bottle is an “eco-shape bottle” 🙄

There is nothing ECO about a shape. It is just a plastic bottle that contains 15% less plastic than the others, but it is still a plastic bottle!

Don’t fall for these nice words, and always ask yourself. Is this really better for the environment? Why?

What is greenwashing?

Greenwashing is the practice of marketing a product or a brand as being greener or more environmentally friendly than they really are.

As people are increasingly aware of their impact on the planet, many companies have seen this as a great business potential.

Unfortunately many of them just try to appear eco-friendly through their image and marketing rather than through real changes. It is called greenwashing.

Learn how to identify greenwashing and how to avoid it!

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Author: easyecotips