Hang your clothes in the bathroom while on the shower and avoid ironing

Did you know that ironing can be very energy consuming?

Irons typically use between 800 and 2,000 watts, making them one of the most energy consuming appliance at home.

Most clothes do not need to be ironed, and by hanging them properly straight after washing, it is enough to ensure they look nice.

Ironing can be very hard on your clothes, and if you want to keep them for longer (remember our post on fast fashion), it is important to take care of them.

If some of your clothes have wrinkles, our tip is to hang them in your bathroom while you take a shower. Steam will help to reduce wrinkles.

Finally, if you really need to use your iron, don’t use it at maximum power, and don’t leave it on for a long period of time without using it. Save energy 😉

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Author: easyecotips