Are balloons bad for the environment?

We all love balloons, they are synonym of party, celebration and can be beautiful! But are balloons bad for the environment?

Balloons take years to degrade, and can be mistaken my animals for food…😥 Balloons are in every party, birthday or celebration. Balloon releases are very popular, but what happens to the balloon once it’s gone?

They become trash…Balloons are mainly made out of Latex or Mylar. Mylar is more common, and is not biodegradable and not recyclable. Latex is sold as a natural alternative, but can still take several years to degrade. During this time, it can be eaten by animals who mistake it for food.

In conclusion, are balloons bad for the environment? Yes, especially if released in the air. Best thing is to avoid balloons altogether, and find eco-friendly alternatives for decorations.

Many companies have specialised in eco-friendly, reusable or compostable decorations, and you will see that they are some great and innovative ideas out there to have fun without harming the planet.

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