How confusing it can be to try recycling plastic

Back to basics.

It’s good to remind ourselves that recycling plastic is far from easy. Recycling is better than nothing, but if you can, try first to Reduce, Reuse, Refuse or Repair.

Depending on the type of plastic, your local authorities policies and the recycling facilities available, only some types of plastic will be recycled.

Also, it is worth knowing that a lot of the waste produced in the US or Europe is actually sent to other countries to be recycled. However some countries are refusing to take any more of this waste. China, Malaysia, and Vietnam have banned waste imports. Thailand will introduce a ban in 2021.

Recap of the main products we use:

Bottles are mainly made of PET and HDPE and these are easy to collect and recycle.

Most trays are made from polypropylene and this is pretty easy to recycle too but not all recycling facilities are able to do it.

LDPE, used to make some carrier bags and cling film, is easy to process but more difficult to sort and can often be contaminated with food.

Polystyrene, used to make some yoghurt pots and plastic cutlery, is not widely recycled.

PVC makes up small amount of packaging but can contaminate other plastic recycling.

Biscuit wrappers and meat trays can be made from a mixture of many different types of plastic, making them the most difficult type of packaging to recycle.

Source: BBC News

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Author: easyecotips