How to dispose of a face mask

Face masks are being discarded everywhere (on the floor, on the beach, on the streets) and could become a health and environmental hazard. 😷

For your safety and to protect the environment, learn how to correctly dispose of your face mask, following the World Health Organization guidance.

⚠️ Disposal face masks should not be reused and cannot be recycled.

So when your mask is damp, replace it with a new one following these steps:

1. Remove your mask from behind without touching the front of the mask
2. Discard it immediately in a closed bin (not recyclable)
3. Wash your hands with soap (or rub them with alcohol-based sanitizer)

⚠️ Never throw your mask on the floor. It can be dangerous and it could be infected. It could also be taken away by animals, or by the wind and end up in the sea, river, or nature.

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Author: easyecotips