How to recycle foil

How to recycle aluminium foil and trays?

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable with any loss of purity.

That’s why it is important to make sure your foil and trays are correctly sent for recycling.

The first step is to wipe off any food residue from the foil or tray. You can use a sponge or just water.

The second step is the scrunch test: scrunch the foil, and if it springs back to its original shape, it probably contains plastic and therefore is not recyclable.

Finally, put together all the foil and make a ball with it. This will make the recycling process easier, as small items can often be missed.

Even if you send it for recycling, using disposable foil or disposable trays creates waste.

Recycling is not always efficient, and requires energy and transportation.

Why not trying to switch to reusable items like silicon covers, silicon baking mats or reusable sandwich wraps?

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