How to talk effectively about climate change

How to talk effectively about climate change with people around you? Is there a way to communicate about the climate emergency without putting people off?

With the holidays approaching, many of us will be at the table with relatives with different views than ours. Attacking them is not the solution and will only escalate the things.

Instead, to get your message across, always be friendly. To get people on board, casually introduce the subject, and measure people’s resistance. Instead of arguing over the things you disagree, try to start by finding some common ground.

Avoid giving a lecture, or making people feel bad or ignorant. Instead of telling, show. You can for example show your reusable bag, or your reusable bottle. Show the things that you do, and show how easy it can be!

Whatever people say or do, avoid being condescending or judging. Instead, listen to them, their concerns, and use empathy. Start by giving them very simple solutions and eco-friendly tips. Start easy, so people don’t get discouraged. (Tell them about EasyEcoTips🌿😉)

Finally, be honest! Being eco-friendly is not always easy, and there is no point in saying that everything is perfect when it’s not. The best way to get people on board is to be sincere and share real life experiences.

Author: easyecotips