In Stockholm, delivery drivers also pick up your waste

In Stockholm (Sweden), a new system combines parcel deliveries and waste collection to reduce carbon emissions.

Think about it: generally, when a garbage truck starts the day, it is empty. And when a delivery truck finishes the day, it is also empty.

With this new system, the same truck will deliver parcels and pick up waste, being full at all time, which also reduces the number of trucks on the road.

We think this system is amazing! However, the number of parcels delivered in the world is still increasing, and the environmental cost is huge. Transportation and packaging are having a toll on the planet.

What can we do?

Try to think twice before ordering online, and reduce the amount of parcels you receive. Group your orders, and try to avoid ordering more than needed to return the items. In the meantime, share this great idea from Stockholm in your city! 😉

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Source: BBC


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