Indonesia plans to move its capital city because it’s sinking

Is your city sinking?

The top 11 cities at risk of sinking are Jakarta, Lagos, Houston, Dhaka, Venice, Virginia Beach, Bangkok, New Orleans, Rotterdam, Alexandria and Miami according to the Word Economic Forum.

Indonesia has decided to move the Capital City away from Jakarta to the province of East Kalimantan, on Borneo more than 1,000km away. Jakarta will continue to be the financial centre of the country.

Jakarta is facing huge environmental difficulties with repeated floods and air pollution. Areas of north Jakarta are falling at an estimated 25cm a year. The city does not pipe in enough drinkable water, so Jakartans rely largely on wells, leading to the the land above it collapsing.
New shopping malls and even government offices have also increased the risk of a catastrophic flooding.

Source: The Guardian

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