It was a good year for butterflies in the UK

Warmer and changing weather in the UK was actually a good news for some migrant species like painted lady butterflies, moths and dragonflies.

The National Trust recorded the biggest influx of painted lady butteflies in a decade, counting more than 420k butterflies.

This butterfly is capable of travelling 7,500 miles from tropical Africa to the Arctic Circle.

Grey seals around the UK also appeared to be doing well despite the 50% mortality rate of seal pups.

However, warmer and changing weather affected many other native species like mountain hares, curlews, twites or natterjack toads.

Overall, climate change is likely to affect a lot of species and many are in danger of extinction. Although there might be some good news along the way, it is important to fight climate change to save hundreds of species.

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Author: easyecotips