It’s raining in Australia!

It’s finally raining in some parts of Australia, providing some relief against the fires that have been burning for months 🌧

Rain fell in Sydney and New South Wales, where bushfires have been burning for months.

More rain is expected to fall this week-end and will help control the fires in that area.

Unfortunately, many fires in the country are still out of control, and the crisis is not over yet.

The rain can also bring its own dangers: some burned-out trees can collapse with the precipitations, so it is advised to be prudent.

Water supplies are also in danger of being contaminated where rain brought ashes into reservoirs.

This is the worst fire episode the country have ever seen, with millions of hectares of land have burned, millions of animals have died, and hundreds of bushfires still burning across Australia.

Bushfires are common in Australia, but the extreme intensity of this year’s fires is thought to be linked to climate change and increased temperatures.

Climate change is expected to make these natural episodes happen more often, and be more intense.

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Author: easyecotips