Join a zero waste challenge!

This year join a zero-waste challenge 💪

It is great fun, and can be a creative way to start new habits to help the planet.

Why not try a 30-day waste-free challenge? Some people manage to keep their waste to a minimum. Keep the waste your produce, it shouldn’t take more space than a jar!

Why not joining a plogging session? You know, this fun activity where you go running while picking up trash in the streets!

Why not organising a zero-waste party? Invite your friends and cook / drink everything waste-free! Prepare everything homemade and avoid all packaging!

Why not joining a beach cleaning event this summer? Leave the beach cleaner than ever, save the marine life and get a nice tan!

Why not replacing all the short car drives by bike rides? This is good for the planet and for your health!

Why not trying a 30-day shopping free challenge? Of course you can do it 😉

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Author: easyecotips