Kitchen accessories

The average American family of four throws away more than $1600 a year in wasted food. It is important that we learn to keep our food fresh for longer, and reduce the amount of waste we produce. Most people use cellophane wrap to store food. Unfortunately this generates a lot of non-recyclable plastic waste.

Buy only what you will actually eat (our tip is to do grocery shopping with a full stomach to avoid cravings). Cook only the right amount of food to avoid leftovers, but if you do have some leftovers, make sure to store them with reusable covers, instead of plastic cellophane wrap.

Have a look at our selection of best kitchen accessories


Food Huggers creates tools that make it easy to adopt sustainable practices at home. They offer customers solutions that make sustainable habits easy to do without giving up convenience or style. 


Ever Green Cloth sells environmentally friendly better for your home, and for this planet. Check their compostable and biodegradable sponge cloths for your kitchen.

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Live Live & Organic is the notorious NYC store for organic, raw, gluten-free and plant-based lifestyle.  They have an great selection of kitchen accessories to help you be more healthy at home and make some delicious organic and vegan meals. They also sell water filters, blenders, recipe books, and kits to make your own vegan yogurt and kefir. If you visit them, they even offer nutritional consultations, cleansing programs, classes & lectures.


Jungle Culture is a UK company producing organic coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery and bamboo razors. All are made from sustainable materials, crafted with British designers and Asian artisans in Vietnam.