LED vs. Incandescent

Which is better between LED bulbs or regular (incandescent) bulbs? 💡

This comparison is based on a bulb with 750 to 900 lumens (luminosity), operating 8 hour a day.

The numbers here are approximate, as the cost of electricity is not the same everywhere, and the cost of each bulb varies depending on the brand.

For the same luminosity, a LED bulb only requires 10 Watts whereas a classic incandescent bulb will require 60 Watts.

A LED bulb will last between 12 and 25 times more than a classic incandescent bulb.

The LED bulb is generally more expensive. However, LED prices have gone down a lot, and it is possible to find good LED bulbs for reasonable prices.

The price of the bulb is quickly compensated by the savings you can make in electricity. In a year, one LED bulb will cost in average $3 in electricity (based on a price of $0.10 per kWh), whereas a classic incandescent bulb will cost $20 in electricity.

The LED bulb does not waste energy. No heat is emitted, whereas a classic lightbulb will release 90% of its energy as heat.

Finally, because the LED bulb requires less energy and has a longer life span, it generates much less CO2 emissions! A LED bulb will generate in average 28kg CO2 per year, whereas a classic lightbulb will generate 172kg!

Why not switch your bulbs to LED bulbs?

It might be a bit more expensive to buy, but the electricity savings will make it worth, and the environment will say thank you! 😉

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