Make sure you choose certified organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly cotton

Did you know?

Regular cotton needs a huge amount of pesticides to grow and is one of the most chemical-laden crops in the world.

If you need new clothes or new bed sheets, make sure you choose organic cotton! It is grown naturally without chemicals and is much better for the planet.

But watch out! How the cotton is produced is important, but you should also consider the following:
– Is it fair trade?
– Is it treated with chemicals (such as formaldehyde) to keep it from wrinkling on its trip overseas?

Here is a little tip: buy organic cotton in the shades it’s naturally grown in: cream, pale green, and light brown.

Finally, you can look for labels to check if the cotton is certified organic, sustainable, fair trade and eco-friendly. Eco Cert is a credible label for example. 

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