Our selection of best sustainable Makeup brands

What’s wrong with regular makeup?
Many raw materials come from oil extraction. Many of them contain plastic polymers that are not easily biodegradable. Glitter for example cannot be filtered by sewage treatment plants and end up in the sea, where it will be ingested by animals. Many brands will use palm oil which causes deforestation when not harvested sustainably. Also, many make-up brands test their products on animals.

What can we do?
You don’t have to stop wearing makeup to help the environment. It’s not always easy, so we did a selection for you 😉

Have a look at our selections of best sustainable Makeup brands


Axiology is an ethical lipstick brand. Their lipsticks and lip crayons are made with hydrating organic botanical oils and ethically sourced mineral pigments. 

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Eco Minerals is a 100% natural makeup brand. They offer eco-refill sachets to top up containers – these eco-refill sachets are biodegradable and minimise plastic waste.


Lily Lolo is a natural mineral makeup brand, with a complete range of products and accessories. They only use natural ingredients in their products, and are cruelty-free, as well as free from chemicals, parabens, perfumes or dyes. 



HAN makeup is a non-toxic cosmetic brand that nourishes your skin. From concealer to eye shadow and lip-gloss, it’s all made from plants and natural mineral pigments. They have a growing range of shades to flatters a multitude of skin tones.


Salty girl Beauty is a beauty brand that focuses on organic, nourishing ingredients. Their line includes lipsticks, foundations, concealers, mascara and multi-sticks. 

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