Most supermarkets sell organic food with over-packaging

Did you know?

Most supermarkets sell organic fruits and vegetables with plastic (over) packaging.

Why do we have to choose between fruits and vegs sold loose (but produced with tons of pesticides) and organic ones with a crazy amount of packaging?

It doesn’t make much sense, because this is like choosing between soil pollution, wildlife and protection of bees from one side and plastic pollution on the other side 🤔

So what is the reason for this?

Well, supermarkets and producers try to avoid organic products being mixed up with the non-organic ones.

With the packaging, they want to avoid contamination with the other fruits and vegs that have been exposed to pesticides.

Also, they probably want to avoid them being mixed up because let’s face it: organic products are often more expensive, and it would be easy to mix them if sold loose.

Do you think it is a good reason?

Well, we don’t!😡 It would be easy to find alternative, lighter and more eco-friendly packaging to differentiate organic and non-organic food. And to avoid them being contaminated by the pesticides, well…we could just store them away from each other?

So what can we do as consumers?

Try to buy your organic fruits and vegs from the farmers’ market, specialized online delivery companies or from supermarkets that sell only organic products.

That way, there is no risk of them being mixed up, and you will get to fight against soil and plastic pollution at the same time! Easy! 😉

Author: easyecotips