Natural cork is a renewable material

Natural cork is a sustainable material! Choose natural cork vs. fake cork or screw caps next time you buy wine 😉

Actually, cork is not only found in wine. It is extremely versatile! It’s impermeable, elastic, and fire-retardant so can be used to flooring, shoe soles and many other products!

The cork oak tree is most commonly grown on the Iberian peninsula, where Portugal and Spain produce more than half of the world’s cork. Natural cork is sustainable because the harvesting of cork doesn’t require the cutting down of any trees. Trees grow until they’re 25 years old (when their trunks are 24 inches wide), and then the cork is stripped from the tree trunks every nine years. Cork oaks live for about 300 years, so cork production is a long term investment!

Another great thing about cork is that cork oak forests prevent desertification in the areas of Portugal and Spain, where it grows naturally.

Oh and by the way, cork is very easy to recycle! ♻️

Let’s hope we see more and more cork products popping out everywhere in the years to come.

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