New York City has banned single-use styrofoam products

Did you know?

New York City’s ban on the single-use plastic clamshells went into effect on Jan. 1, 2019.
Foam cups, plates, bowls and packing peanuts will also be prohibited.

Styrofoam products have long been favored by takeout joints, but they are really tough to recycle. They can also fracture into small pieces and can easily end up in nature.

However, while businesses are expected to stop using the foam on Jan. 1 2019, the city will not start fining vendors until July 1. Until then, businesses who still use plastic foam packaging will only receive warnings.

Why wait until July 2019 for businesses to stop using styrofoam?
You can make the switch now! Avoid restaurants using foam packaging. Also, take your time and reduce waste by eating in. Easy! 😉

Source: NY Times

Author: easyecotips