Norway becomes the first country to ban deforestation

Norway has become the first country to ban deforestation 💪

Norwegians will not award any of its government contracts to companies that take part in deforestation.

Let’s hope more countries will follow!🙏

Why is this a great news?

The rate of deforestation has never been so high in the World. Since the 60’s, almost half of the rainforests in the world disappeared.

What can we do to save the lungs of our planet?

Spread the word about what is happening, and how we can all help. This is impacting all of us, let’s make sure everyone is aware.

Plant trees: you can sponsor a tree, use Ecosia browser, buy products from companies that offer to plant trees for every sale they make.

Vote: politics matter. It is important to make your voice heard.

Eat less meat: fires are often deliberately started in efforts to deforest land for settlement and cattle ranching. Remember the meat industry is one of the most polluting in the world, and by reducing the amount of meat we eat we can help reduce deforestation.

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