Oat milk is the most sustainable alternative

And the winner for the most sustainable milk is…Oat milk! 🥛

Dairy milk is the one with the biggest footprint, and all plant-based options are better for the planet.

A study from Oxford University showed that producing a glass a dairy milk results in almost 3 times more greenhouse gases than all plant-based options.

What about the other plant-based milks?

Coconut milk might sound exotic and tasty, but it can be hard on the planet. Coconut palm trees only grow in tropical climate, and huge demand is driving deforestation, as well as bad working conditions.

Almond milk requires more water than any other plant-based option. In order to produce 1 glass of almond milk, we need 130 pints of water.

Rice milk also needs a lot of water, and produces large greenhouse emissions, due to the methane that rice produces and the large amounts of fertilizers used. In addition, rice milk is less nutritious than other options.

Hazelnut is growing as a good alternative, because it is nutritious and tasty. Hazelnut trees grow in moist climates, where water is more available.

Soy milk is also a good alternative, because it is sustainable and contains protein, almost as much as dairy. However, soy is often grown in the Amazon rainforest,  and can drive deforestation because it is massively produced to feed livestock.

The winner: oat milk. Oats are grown in cooler climates such as the US or Canada, and do not drive deforestation in developing countries. They do not require huge amounts of water to grow.

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Source: BBC, The Guardian


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