Offset your carbon footprint when booking your flight

Are you booking your flight for your next holidays or work travel?

Why not offsetting your carbon footprint to compensate the impact of your flight on the environment?

How does it work: when you book a flight somewhere, the airline calculates the amount of fuel used and emissions released. You pay an extra fee, and that money is used for projects that stop other emissions going into the atmosphere.

Most airlines offer you the option to offset your carbon footprint.

A lot of different projects are funded through offset schemes, but the most common ones usually involve funding renewable or forestry projects, protecting trees from being cut down, or new forests being planted. It can also be a donation to an environmental association.

Remember that aviation emissions are going in the opposite direction to most other industries – they’re rising. This problem is growing because flying is getting cheaper. International aviation makes up two to three per cent of carbon emissions worldwide.

However, offsetting your flight doesn’t mean you magically stopped those emissions getting into the atmosphere. It is a great way to compensate, but it is also important to travel responsibly 😉

Author: easyecotips