Pesticides are also found in the air that we breathe

A recent study carried out by a French NGO revealed that pesticides can be found in the air we breathe.

Most of the pesticides chemicals detected during the study were harmful, either carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors.

Worst of all, around 28% of the substances detected are actually banned substances in the European Union! ⚠️

In addition, pesticides are heavily present in fruits, vegetables but also pollute soil and the water we drink. Ultimately, we can find traces of pesticides in animals and most humans as we all consume these products.

What are pesticides?

Pesticides are substances used in fields and crops to control pests, including weeds. Pesticides can include herbicide, insecticides, insect repellent, animal repellent, antimicrobial, or fungicide.

The most common of these are herbicides which account for approximately 80% of all pesticide use.

Pesticides are used massively in most of developed countries. They can sprayed manually, with tractors or even by plane!

What can we do about it?

Unfortunately, most of the food that we find in our supermarkets comes from huge productions that use pesticides.

Switch to organic products, which is supposed to reduce the amounts of pesticides used, and will reduce the impact food production have on the planet.

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Source: Le Monde

Author: easyecotips