Plastic cannot be recycled

Plastic cannot be 100% recycled, it can only be downcycled.

What does it mean?

Unlike glass or aluminium, plastic loses quality during the recycling process, which means that it has a limited lifecycle.

Typically, a plastic bottle can be turned into a lower quality plastic bottle about 2 times before it is turned into other products like doormats, textiles, plastic lumber, etc.

Downcycling plastic is better than sending it to landfill of course, because it reduces waste on the short term. But ultimately, this process is not infinite, and plastic will eventually end up in the trash as it will not be possible to use it anymore.

What can you do about it?

In this order: Refuse, Reuse, Relove, Recycle!

Refuse: if you can avoid single-use plastic, do it. Replace your plastic bottle by a reusable bottle, replace your plastic bag by a reusable one.

Reuse: if you happen to have a plastic bottle or plastic bag with you (not always possible to avoid), reuse them as many times as possible before sending it for recycling.

Relove: if they are broken, try to find them another use, relove them! Try some DIY projects are give them a new life!

Recycle: finally, as a last option, send them for recycling (or downcycling).

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