How to reduce your footprint when listening to music

Who doesn’t listen to music on Spotify, Youtube, or any other streaming service? Streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, and with that they carbon footprint is also going up! Learn how to easily reduce your carbon footprint when listening to music.

How is streaming having an impact on the environment?

As well as energy consumed to power our devices (telephone, TV, tablets), a huge amount of energy is consumed by the servers that store the videos and music, and the networks that distribute the content.

Each time you listen to a song online, the information is retrieved and transmitted across the network to a router, which is transferred by wi-fi to our electronic devices. This happens every time we stream a track, which costs energy.

So what can we do reduce our footprint when listening to music?

If you use Youtube to listen to music in the background, why not switch to a music platform like Spotify or Deezer? Videos are much bigger files than music files, and streaming them has a bigger carbon footprint.

If you love a song and plan to listen to it many times, download it on your phone or laptop instead! Listening to a song online requires a lot more energy than listening to it offline.

By the way, if you plan to listen to a song more than 27 times, it’s even better to buy the old school CD!
Source: BBC: Why your internet habits are not as clean you think

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