Renewable energy capacity hit record levels worldwide

In 2019, 75% of new electricity capacity created was renewable, breaking an all time record worldwide.

Solar, wind and other green technologies now provide more than one-third of the world’s power, breaking another record.

What does it mean?

It means that in 2019, when building a new electricity facility around the world, 75% of the time this new electricity was created using renewable technology instead of fossil fuels.

In the US and in Europe, there were more fossil fuel power plants decommissioned than built in 2019.

Unfortunately, the number of coal and gas plants grew in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In the Middle East, which owns half the world’s oil reserves, just 26% of new electricity generation capacity built in 2019 was renewable.

The world has invested about 3 trillion dollars in renewable energy over the past decade, but annual investments must double by 2030 if we want to have a chance to solve the climate crisis.

There are many renewable energy technologies, and they are getting cheaper and cheaper! Wind power, solar power, hydropower, bioenergy, geothermal and marine energy, the future is here!

What can you do to support renewable energy production?

When choosing your energy provider for electricity at home, choose a 100% renewable energy provider.

It is not more expensive! In the UK for example, you can choose providers like Bulb or Tonik.

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Author: easyecotips