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The problem with Plastic bottles
Every minute, 1 million plastic bottles are bought in the world. And guess what? According to the National Geographic, 91% of all plastic is not recycled worldwide. So what happens to them? Best case scenario, they end up in landfill. Worst case scenario, they end up in the sea, causing harm to birds, marine animals, and fish.

Plastic cannot be 100% recycled, it can only be downcycled.
What does it mean? Unlike glass or aluminium, plastic loses quality during the recycling process, which means that it has a limited lifecycle. Typically, a plastic bottle can be turned into a lower quality plastic bottle about 2 times before it is turned into other products like doormats, textiles, plastic lumber, etc.

What can we do? 
You can use reusable bottles, save on so much plastic waste, and in the long run, make some significant savings 😉

Have a look at our selection of Best Water Bottles below


WakeCup have stylish products to help you reduce waste, and you can choose from different sustainable materials, including pure copper, sustainably farmed bamboo, stainless steel or double walled glass. Also, they use plastic free packaging when shipping

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Great alternative of products to single-use and plastic products, offering reusables over disposables products.

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Wowe is about taking everyday products and making them environmentally friendly

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