Save time and energy (gas or electricity) by using a pressure cooker

How to save time and energy while cooking?

Use a pressure cooker to save energy (gas or electricity), time and money! It is a greener way to cook delicious meals.

Pressure cooker is your best ally when it comes to cooking ingredients like beans, lentils, potatoes or chickpeas that usually take a long time.

A few cooking times (approx.):

  • Black beans –  1-3 h (with pre-soaking) / 20-25min with pressure cooker
  • Lentils – 30-45 min / 10-15 min with pressure cooker
  • Potatoes – 15-25 min / 8-10 min with pressure cooker
  • Chickpeas – 35-45 min / 12-18 min with pressure cooker

You don’t have a pressure cooker yet?

You can make some great savings by always cooking with the lid on. Did you know that it takes twice as long to heat a pan of water to boiling point with the lid off than with the lid on?

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Author: easyecotips