Say NO to paper receipts

Every year, billions of paper receipts are wasted around the world.

These receipts are NOT recyclable, because they are produced on thermal paper, coated with bisphenol A (BPA).

In order to produce these receipts, millions of gallons of water, millions of trees and millions of gallons of oil are required.

All for what?

Best case scenario, these receipts will go straight to the trash, if not just thrown away on the floor or taken away by the wind.

Just say NO when asked if you need a receipt (unless you really need it).

Most of the times, shops will print one copy for them automatically. However they often ask if you need a copy, just answer “No thanks 😉

Many big retailers are also putting in place electronic receipts, which can be a good alternative if you really a receipt, for expenses claim for example. If you run a store or a business, why not invest in an online receipt maker?

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Author: easyecotips